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Models and MusesRenoir and Lise Tréhot (33) – The EndLise’s… #Impressionism #Art #Impresionismo #Impressionismus #Impressionnisme #印象主義 #Импрессионизм ☺️?


Models and MusesRenoir and Lise Tréhot (33) – The EndLise’s… #Impressionism #Art #Impresionismo #Impressionismus #Impressionnisme #印象主義 #Импрессионизм ☺️?

Models and Muses
Renoir and Lise Tréhot (33) – The End
Lise’s bohemian days with Renoir were already over long before December 14, 1873, the day that she gave birth to the first child that she had with her new love, the architect Georges Brière de l’Isle, with whom she would have three more children, but only married in 1883.

But, not that it is any of our business 🙂 … why did Lise vanish from Renoir’s life? What happened?

Was it the incident in the summer of 1873, at the home of Charles Le Coeur, the brother of Renoir’s friend Jules, where Renoir apparently made improper advances to his host’s 14 year old daughter?

Did Lise cut off all connections with the painter to assure her bourgeois respectability in her new life as an architect’s friend and wife?

How about the impact of Renoir’s next relationship with the young actress Henriette Henriot, who for the first time posed for ‘La Parisienne’ late 1873? She became Renoir’s next favourite model and muse.

Question marks all over…
It’s a pity that, before her death, Lise destroyed all her personal documents related to her years as Renoir’s model.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, 
– Portrait de Marie Le Coeur, c. 1870. Oil on canvas, 41 x 33 cm. Musée d’Art Moderne et Contemporain, Strasbourg, France
– La Parisienne, 1874. Oil on canvas, 163.5 x 108.5 cm. National Museum of Wales, Cardiff

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