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Models and MusesRenoir and Lise Tréhot (31) – A polished… #Impressionism #Art #Impresionismo #Impressionismus #Impressionnisme #印象主義 #Импрессионизм ??


Models and MusesRenoir and Lise Tréhot (31) – A polished… #Impressionism #Art #Impresionismo #Impressionismus #Impressionnisme #印象主義 #Импрессионизм ??

Models and Muses
Renoir and Lise Tréhot (31) – A polished story
While compiling this small story devoted to Lise Tréhot, we found her on 24, and perhaps 25 paintings and sketches by Renoir. She was after all his muse and favourite model during his ‘Salon-years’.
But then, somewhere in 1872, we lose track of her. What happened?

Some believe that this sentimental portrait could well be the last painting that Renoir made of his favourite model and that it was a wedding gift to Lise, who – they believe – married an architect named Georges Brière de l’Isle on April 24, 1872. Lise raised four children that she had with her husband.
After the marriage, Renoir would simply have lost sight of her.

But that explanation was based on the family version of her life story, which later was exposed as ‘a pack of lies’.

One thing is true though, the portrait was a gift from Renoir that she kept for the rest of her life, just like that other gift, ‘Lise Sewing’. 

She died on March 22, 1922, aged 73.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Lise dans un châle blanc (Lise in a White Shawl), c.1872. Oil on canvas, 56 x 46 cm. Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas, USA

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